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Welcome! But how did you find me?

Maybe someone you trust, and who tends to graze for music in the rarer climes where tunes and words take their time to grow far far away from the maddening FM feedlots, has passed on a good word and told you about me.

Well, I am truly grateful and thank you both.

But no good deed should go unrewarded so my gift of appreciation takes the form of a little lucky dip box (directly to your right and up a bit) into which you can gingerly place your email and receive a free download of rare spares, B-sides, musical excerpts from the road and album cuts for your listening pleasure.

So, welcome to my humble online abode and please, make yourself comfortable.

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    of this live performance at The Acoustic Cafe, Elora, Ontario with my Trio. Enjoy!

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    Delores on Rehab to Woodshed
    Hello, Saw you perform twice at National Folk Festival. That song "Keep on going"...I can't get it out of my head. ...
    Janine Good on Noodles of Music
    Hi Dave, met you at the Shed Gig before your horror trip back to NSW! Thanks again for another heartfelt ...
    Steve Jackson on busting for a taxi
    Some days it really is the C.
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