caravan edition 1 – SOLD OUT!

I’ve dropped the band, left the string section tuning up at the concert hall and I just got word that the brass band have taken a trip to Mexico! I feel really good about that.
My CARAVAN is not for everyone and isn’t like anything I’ve ever done before either.
I used a battery-powered recorder and rented two microphones and set it up in my trailer in the woods of Ontario and in my other caravan in the remote south east of Australia and pressed “play”. I recorded single takes of new songs so nothing is edited. I recorded the birds, the storms and I even secretly recorded an old Albertan cowboy telling me a story about his horse while he drove me to the airport in Calgary! I’ve made soundscapes and cross fades and the record has a beginning, middle and end that lives for headphones and only works on a CD player because of the way the sounds and music overlap. The mastering engineer said that I’ve done something a little weird and different, so I took that as a good sign.
And, you will also hear the most feared sound of all… crickets! When you hear crickets after you finish your song, joke or slam poem, that’s the last worst thing us song slingers want to hear. Anyways, there are crickets all over this album as there are crickets are all over the caravan.
CARAVAN is not for everyone.
I’ve also heard that the music biz has moved on without me too. They didn’t write to say their goodbyes or leave a cute hastily scrawled note on the kitchen table for me to read in the morning. I wasn’t bent out of shape about it though, I think we just knew that we’ve changed and maybe, it will be for the best that we just go our separate ways, okay? No one got hurt, I expect that we will still speak fondly of each other as there were some really great times, it’s just … different now. My newest offering won’t be nestled in a CD store rack, I still love those stores and the folks who love to run them, but I just can’t swing it this time through.
My little CARAVAN recording is not for everyone.
I called up iTunes and discussed the matter about not selling it online as an everywhere and nowhere mote of digital lint. They asked me over for a coffee to reconsider, but they drink the real strong stuff over there in Cupertino California, “I’ve been trying to cut back” I explained, they sympathetically responded that they know how that feels but it just comes with the territory. We had few laughs, we both agreed that the iPod Classic with the click thumbwheel was about as good as it got, they’re hanging in there but it just hasn’t been the same since Steve logged off.
CARAVAN will be kinda hard to find.
I left a few voice mail messages at Spotify, Pandora, Groove Shark, Deezer and the other streaming cowboys letting them know that even though they somehow miraculously have all my earlier work on their sites for free I was regrettably going to be selling my new music this time around. Only Myspace picked up the phone. She asked about my profile settings, seems like I left a few fields empty back in 2007 and they’d been worried about me ever since, wondered where I’d got to and I felt a little bad about that… somehow back then I must have got distracted and dropped the ball. They understood, said it happens sometimes and I wasn’t the only one… I think she said so just to make me feel a little better.
This new recording CARAVAN is not for everyone.
I actually haven’t made enough for everyone. I tried really hard to make as many as I could! But with the lino cutting, mechanical type set, hand painted cover and old school hand cranked letter pressed production it just took a super long time to make these gorgeous little blighters. We had to stop at copy 196. We ran out of recycled cardboard and it had taken several beautiful people and myself weeks to make even that many. So that is how many there are, one hundred and ninety six. They are all uniquely numbered and signed like a limited issue printers artworks. That felt kinda fancy but I was supposed to number them in pencil, not black marker, so I hope you’re cool with that. So once I have released the last copy, that’s it, no more CARAVANs in this hand painted limited edition format. I wonder what will happen next if that happens?
CARAVAN is not for everyone but maybe it’s for you right now!
I’d be up for hand printing another batch , but as of this moment, I have no idea what that would look like and how soon I could start that (I am on tour with the Waifs ’til December 2015).

Music is my life and I hope that this next instalment gives you some of the good juice that I draw from that wonderfully weird and bafflingly beautiful dimension of this human action & experience.