Noodles of Music

This is cool, and I hope you think so to…

For those of us who just want the free music and read this later CLICK HERE !

You know how I last banged on about fire-sharing pirates and the treacherous high  seas of free MP3’s well I wanted to change my tune a little and share with you a sea shanty served with tasty Ramen noodles.

It tastes like this.

One of my songs was selected to be included in a very cool and stylish bi monthly online magazine that hand picks the best of new folk acoustic, alternative and independent music. The sort of music that is off the radar, more sonar I suppose.

I was thrilled to have made the esteemed cut but was doubly surprised when they handed over a tidy little leather pouch of doubloons for the permission to get my song out there. Pieces of eight!

So, this e-zine is called Ramen Music and they have a very neat subscription system that gives folks like you and I the chance to get very new, cool and interesting music delivered direct every couple of months.

It’s ground breaking stuff and I want you to experience it first hand with a free subscription to the edition that features my tune! CLICK HERE for free RAMEN issue # 6.

I hope you enjoy the noodles as much as I do, maybe you will even become a Ramen subscriber like me, that would make for one cool little island of music for those marooned and stranded times when a sweet new tune can save the day.